Piano moved upstairs... but now for the tight turn!

by anne

hello s, thanx for your reply. I did actually manage to get the piano up the stairs by the way, although I appreciate your comments, however once we got it there it would only fit quickly into our box room. I desperately want it to be in the living room, however, thus far efforts to manipulate the hall have proved stressful at best. It is an old upright with a lot of character, we even tried moving it on its end, yet a fraction of an inch stood between us and sucess.

Can you help?

Congrats!...It sounds like you have done the hard work.. all you need now is a bit of 'Know How'.

turning the piano on its side is very usual and acceptable. However you need something to pull it on.. we use heavy plastic sheet and... very important...If the lid overhangs the piano you need to use a block (wrapped in cloth) so it does not contact or drag on the floor.

Additionally tight turns into rooms should be done
with the back of the piece on the inside of the turn. This is slightly counter intuitive since people naturally attempt to work the keyboard through... seldom works!

Should you need help...

Where are you in london?
I normally charge £60 for a simple internal manoeuvre provided we are nearby or you can
co-ordinate with us when we are.
You can always phone me on 020 7720 0660

June 2010

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Jun 06, 2010
by: Anne

further to our last contact, by following your advice, we finally managed to manouver the piano into the living room. your page and your expertise are fantastic, im gushing cause im not sure how to say that i really appreciate your kind help.

from anne, almost speechlessly grateful, in south london.

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