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A 6ft grand piano being unloaded from the van by SW Piano Movers.

SW Piano Movers are based in South London. We deliver pianos and organs in London, and also the South East, the South and the West of England.

We have been moving pianos for more than 15 years.

Call us to discuss your piano move or disposal. 

We move upright pianos and pianolas, organs, or grand pianos up to 6.5 feet in length.

Baby grand piano being moved on a shoe by SW Piano Movers.

Whenever possible, the details and timings of your move will be carefully discussed by phone and confirmed by email.

With a little flexibility, we can slot your long distance piano delivery into our schedules at a part load price.

We organise delivery routes up and down the country, so we can collect from, or deliver to, anywhere in the UK.

We work at weekends, which we find convenient for people who cannot take delivery during weekdays.

Baby grand piano on a moving shoe being loaded onto the van by SW Piano Movers.

Pianos are insured in transit from first to last touch (up to a maximum of £10,000). We also have public liability insurance cover.

If you need to move a piano you have bought, or are tranferring a piano between friends or family, SW Piano Movers can help. We carry heavy covers and padded blankets, boards, ramps, piano shoes and skids in anticipation of difficulties and have the experience to move your piano with a minimum of fuss.

Piano Manoeuvres

We have large pneumatic tyred trolleys for easy movement over rough terrain, and experience moving pianos over unusual and irregular surfaces.

Some recent examples include manoeuvres through sash windows, through a muddy orchard, over a ditch, over a rockery, and even over a ploughed field... although that is quite a story!

Planning complicated moves usually requires you to send in pictures or videos. This can be quickly done by MMS or WhatsApp to 07958 575122.

SW Piano Movers Plus

Although the van is likely to be part full of piano moving equipment, we may be able to transport other items together with your piano;- for example as part of a student move.

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Payment Options

Fees are payable on completion of the work by cash, cheque or BACS transfer on the day, please. I may need a deposit if your move requires me to make upfront payments.

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Let Us Blow Our Own Trumpet!

I never  contract out work and personally plan and attend every job.

I offer a skilled and flexible service to you - along with, excellent value.


Whether you are selling, buying or moving a piano;-

ensure that you use an experienced specialist piano mover.

We will take care of your floors, home - and your piano!