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Piano Moving Videos

These piano moving videos illustrate some commonly used techniques and tools. They are made up from 3d sketches which allow clearly viewable angles and perspectives.

1) Piano Moving Video: How to Turn out of a Narrow Passageway

Piano owners are often concerned that it will not be possible to move their piano out of their narrow hallway. This video explains how it is done.

2) How to Prepare a Grand Piano for Transport

A captioned video guide that demonstrates an easy procedure for dismantling a grand piano, and for mounting it onto a moving shoe. It is an unconventional procedure, because the back leg is removed first, and because the lid and hinges are removed. It is suitable for an old piano whose legs and fixings may not be secure, and for moves when the piano needs to be dismounted from the moving shoe to make a tight turn. The procedure is also less physically demanding on the piano movers.

Later videos will discuss protection of the piano and its components, how to plan the route out of the building, and how to load and secure the piano on the van.

3) About Grand Piano Legs

A Piano Moving Video which illustrates the different styles of grand piano leg and some specialist tools needed to remove them. Understanding the different configurations is important to avoid needlessly knocking the leg about when removing it, and should help understanding the special tools that may be required.

These are two thumbnails from the video which show how the a leg's fixings are secured in place.

4) The 2nd step Flip-Over and Turn

An illustrated guide that demonstrates how to use an upright piano's own weight to help manoeuvre it up a short flight of steps and around a turn.

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