Musical instruments insurance

All instruments moved by SW piano movers are insured from first to last touch up to a maximum of £10,000. You should also read more about my cover in my terms and conditions.

Should you wish to see our Goods in transit policy, on my broker's advice you will need to ask me for a password to access the pages hereYou can then view it together with our certificate of professional liability insurance, which covers injury and damage to other property and persons.

In the United Kingdom, the provision of insurance has been regulated by the financial services authority (FSA) since 2005. They are responsible for regulating intermediaries selling general insurance policies. Whereas some large (and expensive) removal companies are regulated by the FSA, and sell or arrange (expensive?) policies to cover a move, most are not.

In respect of removal companies, the position may not have been resolved as much as was hoped in respect of the consumer.

Removal companies insurances will include:-
1) 'Public liability insurance' which will cover collateral injury or damage to people and property incurred during a move.
2) 'Goods in Transit' insurance which will cover the goods themselves.
However the customer will not have an insurance company or agent with whom to deal directly in the event of a loss.

So... a client may ask the question: 'Will my goods be insured', and the simple answer may truthfully be 'Yes'.
The problem is that the question does not begin to explore the limits and exclusions to cover which is held by a removal company primarily for their own protection rather than that of the client.

A carrier's own conditions may further limit responsibility. This may be entirely legitimate since a carrier cannot be expected to be responsible for either unexpected or undeclared valuable items, or situations not accounted for in a quote...

This is why (depending on individual circumstances or your existing policies and cover) insurance should be arranged by owners before a move.
The cover for the move may be ancillary to general protection against fire, damage and theft, and which maybe something that was to be considered anyway.

Our best advice though, is to arrange your own cover before with the move in mind.

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