Advice on Acquiring a Free Piano

If you are considering bringing home a free piano, you will still invest time and money in arranging for the delivery and after that, for a piano tuner. 

It is most important that you go to inspect and hear the piano. If you do not go and see it, you may find that its condition does not match your expectations. 

Be aware of why a piano might be offered for free

You will find advertisements for free pianos on local community websites.

Some of these preloved pianos are in good working order and condition. However, Many of these pianos might, while appearing attractive, have reached the end of their useful life.

Pianos might often be offered by people (for example, by the executor of a will) without knowledge of it. Ideally, the owner should be there in person to vouch for it. Your free piano should have been loved and maintained, and have spent its life in a dry home.

To the donor, giving the piano away for free can seem like an easy way to solve a piano disposal problem without cost to them. You need to be sure that you are not just paying to take away their junk!

There are plenty of good free pianos out there if you are patient and look.

Simple checks for your free piano

If you have no idea how to assess a piano, there are some checks to carry out before you accept it.

I would urge everyone to equip themselves with a little knowledge by reading: How to Inspect a Used Piano Before Buying . At a minimum, scroll down to the bottom of the page to the section titled: 'Used Piano Checklist' and print it off to take with you.

1) Always go and look at the piano in person. 

Do not take assurances at face value. It follows that the piano should be local to you, and located on the ground floor to ensure the lowest moving cost. Then it will be easy for you to go and inspect it, and cheap for you to move it.

Instead of paying the high moving cost from a great distance, consider paying a modest amount for a better piano that you might find closer to home.

Spend your money on the piano and not the move.

2) If the piano sounds awful, then you should avoid it.

The piano might be free, but it might be junk! Do not assume that the piano can be tuned.

Donors may absolve themselves of responsibility for the piano by saying they know nothing about pianos.

Conversely, if the piano has not been maintained for years but still sounds pleasing, then as free piano, that is at least encouraging.

3) Do not solve someone else's waste piano disposal problem.

While you may be willing to re-home a tatty old piano bear in mind that if a donor is offering one for free, you may be solving a problem for them. You should expect your free piano to be fully functioning and clean, and be aware that it could still be unserviceable, even if it looks attractive.

A free piano that does not work might quickly become your costly waste disposal problem.

4) Use a professional piano mover

Consider using an experienced piano mover to avoid damage to the piano, to the floors, thresholds and also to the buildings.

Some pianos, like the one illustrated here, have irregular undersides and can present manoeuvring problems.

If you are donating a free piano, you should insist that it is collected by an experienced piano mover. 

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