Piano Moving Enquiries
020 7720 0660 or 07958 575122

You can use the piano moving enquiry form below for all non urgent piano moving enquiries.

Example of winder stepsExample of winder steps

Please be prepared to supply some additional information:

1) In some cases we may need quite detailed information, especially when stairs and stair turns are involved.  often measurements and pictures are needed.

Pianos vary in weight considerably, making additional manpower necessary should stairs, steps or other obstacles be involved.

2) If you need to move a grand piano, I will ask you to measure its length. Please see the adjacent image (click on it to expand it).

3) Should an elevator part of the move (and the piano has not been moved in the lift before), We may ask you to measure its depth along with the height of 

example of a lift capacity plateexample of a lift capacity plate

the piano (all in millimetres). Also, we may ask you to note the information on the lift's capacity plate which details the number of people and a weight for which the lift is certified.

4) Availability of parking is an important consideration.

5) Use WhatsApp to send me multiple photos or videos.

You can email pictures to swpianos@hotmail.co.uk or send them direct from your phone to 07958 575122. 

6) An indication of the urgency of the delivery.

Please be aware that there may be a delay in replying, and you will receive a quicker response by telephoning me on 020 7720 0660

Correspondence address:

Stephen Willett, SW Piano Movers, 145 Beauchamp Road, London, SE19 3DA
Tel: 020 7720 0660

You can view our insurance certificate (which is behind a protected wall) by requesting the password from me.

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