Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs About Moving Your Piano

Yes, you can be sure that the piano will not touch the floor during the move. We use quilted pads, rubber-wheeled trolleys and careful techniques to avoid your piano's castors touching and damaging the floor. Similarly, your stairs, outside steps, and paths will be untouched.

Your piano can be turned 90° over onto its side and turned through the doorway. See the first of my piano moving videos to help you understand this manoeuvre. It is most unusual to fail to make the turn. You can always discuss any concerns with me.

We move pianos via elevators regularly. Often the piano will need to be turned over onto its side. To determine if the piano will fit in the lift, measure the height of the piano (in MMS) and compare it to the depth of the lift. measure from the inside of the closed doors to the back of the lift (or rear handrail). Weight is never the issue, but you can also note the capacity plate of the lift which details the weight and number of people that the lift can accommodate.

To assess stair work, I always ask for pictures or videos of the stairs (and any turns and landing areas) taken from every angle. These can be sent via WhatsApp to me on 07958 575122.

 About My Business

There is only an 'A' team. As the business owner, I plan, quote, write up and attend every job without fail.

I plan, write up and email you the details of every job to give you confidence that you are in safe hands. Whereas traffic problems can cause unexpected delays on the day, we do build in time buffers between jobs and will always call you to update you.

Clients are welcome to ask to inspect our insurance certificates, which are password protected on the website.

Payment is usually made on delivery by cash, cheque or BACS transfer. If you wish to use a credit card, I only ask that you let me know before the day: I can then send you a PayPal request. Some larger or long-distance jobs may involve incurring expenses, for which part payment or prepayment will be requested.

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