Grand Piano Mover in South London and the South of England

SW Piano Movers loading a baby grand piano onto a van.

We have over 15 years experience moving grand pianos.

We dismantle, wrap, move and reassemble baby, boudoir, parlour, or full grand pianos up to 6' 6" in length.

We also move upright pianos and organs both locally and across the UK.

Pianos are insured in transit from first to last touch (up to a maximum of £10,000). We also have public liability insurance cover.

Grand Piano Sizes and Terms

SW Piano Movers use pneumatic tyred piano trollies to covers uneven terrain and protect floors.

Definitions of grand pianos are famously vague and often tell us more about the intended use of the piano than its size. It is helpful to us as piano movers to describe the piano correctly, and note that the terms 'Full', 'Medium' and 'Classic' are applied to smaller pianos than 'Semi Concert' or 'Concert' pianos.

The term 'Baby Grand' applies to pianos around 5ft in length only.

Miniature Grand Pianos: shorter than 150 cm 

Baby Grand Pianos: shorter than 156 cm

Classic or Medium or Boudoir Grand Pianos: 158 to 175 cm

full Grand Pianos:  175 - 200 cm

Semi-Concert Grand Pianos: 210 to almost 275 cm

Concert Grand Pianos: anything over 250 cm

Grand Piano Mover's Equipment

We carry the following equipment on our vans:
1) Piano shoes and skids. 
These are items of equipment necessary for moving grand pianos, which have to be turned on to their side.

SW Piano movers moving a 6ft grand piano

2) Piano trolley with good sized wheels. 

3) Piano transit cover and quilted pads:
Their main use is for storing a piano on the van to prevent other items damaging it. When actually manoeuvring a piano, heavy quilting can be a hindrance, since grip and vision may be impaired.

4) Boards, ramps, blocks and chocks for steps.

5) Blankets and plastic sheet, and cardboard for wrapping panels, protecting floors and manoeuvring pianos.

6) Mover's Ties and heavy-duty ratchet straps.

7) Various special tools for working with unusual attachments and situations.

Call us on 020 7720 0660 to discuss the details, timings and cost of your move. Whenever possible, the arrangements will be confirmed by email.

SW Piano Movers is a grand piano mover based in Upper Norwood, South London. 

You can see a video of our techniques here.

Advice regarding musical instruments insurance.

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