Export of a kiln to Martinique

by S. England-Ancey
(Atelier Céramique Martinique )

Mr. Willett, a piano removal professional, agreed, without hestitation, to take on the job of organising a pottery kiln move from London to the French Caribbean. Receiving instructions from an email-connection in France, he was prompt in visiting the kiln in London, and courteous with our friend who had the kiln in storage there; he was prompt in finding sea transport agents, in finding an insurance agency for the job; he was prompt in giving a quote to which he remained true; his sensible down to earth approach gave us faith in his explanations about how he intended to pack the item for maximum protection; not one of the other ten companies we contacted came close to his degree of level-headedness and value-for-money. One gets the impression that he has been in the business for years and knows exactly what to do when a new job comes up: one must reply promptly, show willing, request to see the item ear-marked for removal, and be able to assist with the extraneous requests (in our case sea transport across the Atlantic and insurance cover). He had the strength of character and trust to know that we would pay for the job by international SWIFT payment once the kiln had reached it's temporary UK location before shipment; he showed professionalism from A to Z, and we would recommend him to anyone.

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