Universal Piano Castor Cups for All Single Castors

Choose these extra safe double padded cups if you are not sure of your piano's castor size.

These piano castor cups measure 60 mm diameter. They are suitable for pianos which use single castors or different sized single castors at the front and the rear of the piano.

They have double felt pads which give extra protection.

Order these if you are not sure of the castor size.

The pack includes 4 cups.

The castor grips the concentric holes of the felt pad and spreads the weight of the piano.

They are suitable for all hard floor surfaces.

NB: these cups are not suitable for twin wheel castors. For twin wheel castors, see these cups which are lined with a single 4 mm felt which will prevent the castors rolling out of the cup.

Twin wheel castors

Sold in packs of 4 cups with the option to buy the inflatable lifting tool at the PayPal checkout.

Quick despatch, 1st class postage, 30 days returns.

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If you prefer, these cups are also available on my ebay listing.

Set of 4 piano castor cups for all single wheel castors.

4 universal castor cups for all single castors

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These inflatable air wedge bags can lift your piano one corner at a time and makes fitting your castor cups easy.

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