Susan McNeil

Hi there - roughly how much would it cost to transport a baby grand piano from Barnet to Greenwich? This end (Greenwich) there will be a few stairs down to entrance and then stairs to first floor sitting room but the staircase is wide.
Not sure from collection end.
Similarly from Guildford, Surrey to Greenwich?
Am looking to buy a second hand piano and need to have a ball-park idea of transport costs before I commit!
Many thanks
Susan Mcneil


Hello Susan,

I will delete this reply in 1 day as I do not like to leave quotes up for unscrupulous competition.

We need to discuss this directly as there are still unknowns which would affect the price.

A bay grand is no bigger than 5ft on the straight edge, but often people use the term to describe mid sized grands... which can be much heavier.

the angle of the stairs and weight of the as yet unknown piano will affect the price as will any access problems and milage from the

This could conceivably be a 4/5 man job running to over £400 depending on the answers
if all goes against us.

if you want a clearer idea, yiou had better phone me on 020 7720 0060.

Stephen Willett

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