Turning a Piano Through a Narrow Doorway

by Catriona

Can an upright piano be placed on its side during the move? My doorway/entrance is impossibly narrow and awkward.


Hello Catriona,

A piano mover would turn the piano over onto a piano trolley or even a furniture skate.

If these are not available, the piano can be turned on it's side using thick blankets on wooden floors or (new and 'slidey') heavy duty plastic sheet with blankets on top on carpet... this will allow the piano to be pulled through.

Also note if the piano has an overhanging lid:- Use a wooden block wrapped in soft cloth under the side of the piano to stop the overhang contacting the floor.

Also check the casters for rectangular or offset configuration before turning the piano over. If the casters are not set out squarely, the piano bcome balanced on one caster with the risk it will topple over into the wall.

Hope that helps


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